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ANAI - AYYA (19th century)
Musical Background: Anai and Ayya were two brothers, Anai Iyer and Ayyavaiyer, who were attached to the court of Serfoji II of Tanjavur. They belonged to the same family as that of Maha Vaidyanatha Iyer.

Region: They were from Vaiyacheri, Tanjavur district, Tamilnadu.

Contribution: Twenty-six Tamil and twelve Telugu compositions have been found. The ragas employed by them are all popular ones like, Sankarabharanam, Bhairavi, Kalyani, Begada, Sowrashtra, etc. The most commonly used tala seems to be Roopaka.

Theme: The themes vary between devotion and philosophy and are in praise of Lord Siva and Goddess Devi.

Languages used: Telugu and Tamil.

Signature: They have used the mudra Umadasa.

Popular Compositions: Ambanannu (Todi), Paruvam parkka (Dhanyasi), Saranu Saranu (Jhunjooti) and so on.

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