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Musical Background: He had his training from his mother, Komalamma in vocal music and later learnt Vina from Kalahasti Venkataswami Raju.

Region: Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh

Contribution: A highly versatile personality, he was a vocalist, vainika, violinist and Harikatha performer par excellence, he was also a composer of class. His compositions are shining examples of beauty in simplicity and bring out the essence of the raga in a few choice phrases. They were popularised to quite an extent by his nephew and disciple, Narasimhalu Naidu.

Theme: Mostly devotional.

Language used: Telugu.

Signature: He used the mudra Tirupatipura.

Popular compositions: Sarievvare (Sahana), Vagaladi (Behag Javali), Ikanaina na (Pushpalatika), Parakelasaraswati (Natakurinji).

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