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Musical background: He had his initial training in Tevaram and music from his father Muthaiah Desikar. He later got further guidance from Manikka Desikar, Sattayappa Nayanakarar and the renowned violinist Kumbakonam Rajamanikkam Pillai.

Region: Tiruchengattangudi near Nannilam, Tamilnadu

Contribution: Endowed with a rich voice that could traverse all the octaves with ease, Dandapani Desikar was a much sought after musician. He specialised in Tamil kritis and also starred in several films like Nandanar, Tirumazhisai Azhwar, Vallala Maharajan, Pattinattar and so on. As a professor and the Head of the Department of Music, Annamalai University for fifteen years, he published the works of Bharati, Padinalvar and several Tevarams, Divya Prabandhams and Tiruppugazhs in a book entitled Isai Tamizh Paamalai. This book also includes his compositions which reveal his command over music and the language.

Language used: Tamil

Theme: Devotion

Popular compositions: Jagajjanani (Ratipatipriya), Yaanaimugattone (Devamanohari), Ennai neemaravade (Amritavarshini) etc

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