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Musical Background: Among the composers, who have enriched music in the post-Tyagaraja period, Pallavi Seshayyar occupies a prominent place. His father, Neykkarappatti Subbayyar, was a direct disciple of Tyagaraja. He became proficient in music and Telugu early in his life. He learnt Tyagaraja’s compositions from his father. His forte was Pallavi singing, which earned him the title 'Pallavi' Seshayyar. He was able to handle even intricate Pallavis with perfect ease. Endowed with an extraordinary creative faculty, he was able to sing even minor ragas for several hours. On one occasion, he sang raga Gowlipantu for 3 hours. At another concert, he sang the raga, Dwijavanti elaborately. The audience on all those occasions consisted of eminent musicians (vidwan-s).

Region: Seshayyar was born in Neykkarapatti, a village about 8 miles from Salem, Tamilnadu.

Contribution: A very versatile composer, he composed several kritis, Pada-Varnams and Tillanas. His compositions are full of bhava, with an easy and natural flow. He was the first to compose kritis in rare ragas like Mallikavasanta and Suddha.

Theme: He was a great devotee of Srirama. All his compositions are in praise of Srirama or are prayers addressed to Srirama.

Language used: Telugu.

Signature: Pallavi Seshayyar is a swanama mudrakara, meaning he used his own name as his mudra.

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