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GHANAM KRISHNA IYER (19th century)
Musical Background: He was a student of the famous composer, Pacchimiriam Adiyappa. He also studied with Bobbili Kesavayya. It is said that he was inspired by great composers like Tyagaraja and Gopalakrishna Bharati whom he had the opportunity to meet.

Region: He was born near Trichy in Tamilnadu.

Contribution: His Padams in Tamil are full of beautiful and soul-stirring emotions. They are well-suited for Abhinaya in dance.

Theme: Mainly devotional.

Languages used: Tamil.

Signature: He used various mudras like Subramanya, Muthukumara, Velava etc, which are names of Lord Subramanya.

Popular Compositions: Tamil Padams like Velavare and Madey avarseida vanjanai (both Bhairavi), Tiruvottriyur (Atana), Niddirayil (Pantuvarali) etc. The Bhairavi piece Jagajjanani is now a very popular song in raga Ratipatipriya.

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