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Taalmala digi-60S

The Taalmala digi-60 Electronic tabla Stereo is a state-of-the-art digital musical instrument that has been designed by the pioneers in Indian electronic musical instruments. This instrument uses the latest sampler technology to produce natural tabla sound along with sophisticated features unmatched by any other model of electronic tabla. Crystal clear, natural Stereo sound is provided for the separation of the tabla ( right hand) and the dagga ( left hand). There are 60 thekas in various taals that can be played at any tempo. The thekas available on the Digi-60 are : 1.teen taal - 5 varieties 2.punjabi 3.ek taal - 2 varieties 4.jat taal - 2 varieties 5.jhap taal - 4 varieties 6.surfakta 7.jhampak 8.rupak - 4 varieties 9.pashto 10.lok (for folk music) - 3 types 11.ada chau taal - 2 varieties 12.addha 13.pancham savari - 2 varieties 14.tilwada 15.chachar 16.jai taal - 3 varieties 17.deepchandi - 2 varieties 18.rudra taal - 2 varieties 19.bhajan 20.garba 21.jhoomra - 2 varieties 22.matta taal - 2 varieties 23.tevra 24.dhumali 25.dhamar 26.sadra 27.kehrwa - 4 varieties 28.chau taal 29.sool taal - 2 varieties 30.dadra - 3 varieties + 2 programmable taals Many varieties of common taals have been provided, including some authentic traditional thekas.10 of these can be modified by the user and stored in memory. A multi-functional digital display for indicating taal number, matra number, pitch and tempo. Digital tuning of pitch with facility for fine tuning within half notes. 4 ranges of tempo – from ati-vilambit to drut are provided. The tempo can be gradually increased from ati-vilambit to ati-drut without stopping the theka. Two settings for bayan (dagga or left hand sound) – with a deep ‘gumki’ or a shallow ‘gumki’. Memory for storing the fine tuned pitch, tempo and bayan setting. Two user programmable thekas that can be stored in memory. Operation on AC Mains (Any voltage from 90 - 260V ) or six internal dry batteries with automatic change-over to batteries in case of power failure. The Taalmala is sleek and compact - housed in a well-designed, robust ABS plastic cabinet.

$ 76.00