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TOPIC: Ranjani Gayathri - Bangalore Gayana Samaja

Ranjani Gayathri - Bangalore Gayana Samaja 7 years 11 months ago #8

Vocal: Ranjani and Gayathri
Violin: H.M. Smitha
Mridanga: Manoj Siva
Ghata: Sukanya Ramagopal

Song List:

1. Varna in Saveri. Composition of Veene Seshanna.
2. Nenendu vetukudura - Karnataka Behag -Thyagaraja (S)
3. A composition of Veene Seshanna in Dharmavati, the lyrics for which I could not get correctly (A,N)
4. Hiranmayim - Lalita - MD
5. Nadu pai palikeru - Madhyamavati - Thyagaraja (A,N,S)
6. Ahanaiva jane - Amrutavarshini - Swati Tirunal
7. Shree Chamundeshwari palayamam - Bilahari - Mysore Vasudevachar (A,N,S,T).
8. TaLuvegeginta tapavu illa - Sindhubhairavi - Vadiraja
9. Abhang in Bairagi (Hindustani equivalent of Revathy)
10. Ni nama rupa - Sowrashtra

Good concert by the sisters but I thought their usually impeccable co-ordination was missing initially. May be they were not thoroughly prepared. Since it was a concert series in memory of Veene Seshanna, they had, probably, hurriedly learnt a couple of compositions and this showed. Referring to notes often, not sure of whose turn it is to sing etc, very unlike them. But these were just small blots and they came into their own in the other pieces that were sung.

Concert started at 6:30 after the customary speeches, felicitations etc. One of the perils of attending the first and last day of a concert series, this. The saveri varna, which I had never heard of was sung in 2 speeds. A brisk rendition of the Thyagaraja kriti in Karnataka Behag, which I have not heard in a live concert, followed next with brief swara prasthara. Another rare kriti of Seshanna in Dharmavati, was preceded by a very good alapana. I can't remember the lyrics or the line on which neraval was performed. Interestingly, no swaras were sung after the neraval.

A leisurely Hiranmayim later, came the superb Madhyamawati. Alapana was sung by both and each excelled in it. Violin return was superb as well. I was expecting a more heavy kiriti like Rama katha sudha or Palinchu Kamakshi. Nadu pai came as a surprise. This was an indication that the main of the evening was yet to come.

Another crisp Swati kriti later came the piece of the day. What a brilliant Bilahari. I especially liked Gayathri's alapana with her lightning fast brighas and traversal through different octaves. Absolutely beautiful. Violin return, again, was excellent. A longish neraval was followed by swaras in 2 speeds. Tani was good too. More blade speeches and felicitations were conducted after this, thus robbing precious time which could have been filled with another piece or two.

These two sing Abhangs like no other. And today was no exception either. What brilliance in that piece! Their training in Hindustani helps them too, I guess. By now, it had started pouring down forcing most of us to stay inside the auditorium. Got a chance to look at the artists up close. Gayathri is soooo lean man!
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