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Talents of the Month

What is life without a bit of challenge? Similar to musical competitions that kids are exposed to on TV and even at school, Carnatic World has structured a 'talent of the month' feature, which will bestow the title on one student who showcases the best performance. Email us at to enroll into the monthly talent search.

Kunnakudi M Balamurali Krishna

Kunnakudi M Balamurali Krishna is one of India’s top young vocalists. Music is in his blood. His father being his first guru, Balamurali also had training under Neyveli Santhanagopalan and V.Sundaresan. He has been under the tutelage of Padma Bhushan P.S.Narayanaswami since 1993. “How to embrace your own style without compromising on the richness of the musical tradition but at the same time not become redundant. More than talk about anything, he lives what he believes and starting with his humility, sense of humour, approachability and the expansive nature to share all his knowledge - he lived and still does what he thinks we as students should believe and practice ourselves” are some of his learnings from his guru. Being an accomplished mridangist, he has been receiving advanced training under Guru Karaikkudi Mani. His music is highly innovative, yet, with strict parameters of tradition. He has made his mark as an exponent of intricate pallavi’s. Recipient of many awards, style and content go hand in hand to make him an artist reaching for the pinnacles of carnatic music. “Besides listening to various genre of music, I watch movies and like to hang out with my friends!”