Sriranjani Santhanagopalan

Sriranjani Santhanagopalan is one of the most promising artists in Carnatic Music. Daughter of the legendary Neyveli R. Santhanagopalan, she has proven her talent over the past few years. When asked what was the defining moment for her to get into music, the singer says it was all thanks to a Bharatiyar music competition. "I was in 10th standard and that was the point when I needed to decide what subject to focus on. There was a Bharatiyar competition that I had entered and my dad taught me three songs for it. I not only won, but the judge loved it so much he requested that I sing it during the school prayer in front of the whole school. The teachers upon hearing that song wanted me to sing it over and over for them! I realized then that I had this power in me, to truly make people happy. Looking back, that event happened at the right time in my life!" This season the singer is performing in over 15 venues. When asked about her most memorable concert, she recalls her 2010 Charsur concert, "A lot of great musicians came for that concert and more over the vibes in that hall that day were at an all time high! It was also the first time I had senior accompanying artists in a concert." So, what can you expect from her concerts this season? "More Ragam, Tanam, Pallavis in my two hour concerts. I figured it's time I included them more in my concerts.", she says.