Bharat Sundar

Although Bharat attained international fame after winning Jaya TV's first Carnatic Music Idol, Bharat Sundar's experience in the field dates way back to when he was in his early teens. The singer, who first began training under Smt. Leelavathi Gopalakrishnan gave his first recital at the VDS Arts Academy in 6th standard. Not too interested in Carnatic music, his interest leaned more towards light music as he entered a lot of competitions in this genre. Looking back at his childhood, Bharat recalls a time when Smt MS Subbalakshmi sang at a Hanuman temple near his home. "It was packed that day. I remember I had to go to the terrace to see her in concert! I didn't understand her greatness back then, but now looking back, I treasure that experience of actually having seen a true legend the field of Carnatic Music". It wasn't until he was presented with a CD of Sri TN Seshagopalan's music, that he changed his mind and perception of Carnatic Music forever. Currently receiving advanced training from P.S.Narayanaswamy, Bharat has gone on to perform in India and beyond accompanied by senior instrumentalists and is one of the most promising young musicians of today.