Vidya Kalyanaraman

Up and coming vocalist, Vidya Kalyanaraman had her debut concert on April 5th 2001 at a temple near her house. "Well, actually the first concert that came to me was part of a prize that i won in a competition. but a few days before i could sing that one, this temple concert came up and i sentimentally started off there and the actual first concert came second!" A disciple of Padma Sandilyan and Suguna Varadhachari, decided early on that music would be her life. As a child, she had a deep interest and passion for music. "My mom often tells me that as an infant i'd cry if the music stopped even for a few seconds.. the love seems to have been there from that time and my parents helped me develop in it in the right track with eminent gurus." says Vidya. When asked what is the best advice given to her by her gurus, she says, "Never stop learning". When I ask her what advice she has for youngsters beginning to learn the artform, she smiles and says, "The same advice my gurus gave me!"