Jayanth J A

Jayanth is one of the most promising flautists in the Carnatic music arena. A Prodigy, he was naturally drawn into the tutelage of his grandfather, noted flautist Late T. S. Sankaran (prime disciple of Mali) since the age of Four. Much before he was grounded well in the vocal music by his grandmother late V.S.Sundari, Jayanth gave his first solo flute concert at an age of seven. His ability to play RTP in three speeds (tr ikaalam) surprised the senior accompanists and the audience on that occasion. He has to his credit over 980 solo flute concerts in India and Abroad. "In a concert of mine accompanied by doyen Sri Umayalpuram Sivaraman on the Mridangam, another legend Sri Karaikudi Krishnamurthy (who was present in the audience) walked up to the stage and gifted me the ring he was wearing after listening to my raga alapanai of Kambodi", he says. He has a refined fingering and blowing technique which enables him effortlessly to switch over to the bass and double bass flutes with ease to cover lower octaves. Jayanth naturally demonstrates depth and proximity to the lyrical aspect of a composition, given that he belongs to the pioneering school of Legendary flute Mali. Kambodi, Thodi, Ahir bhairavi are his favorite ragams. His spontaneity, perfect pitching coupled with expressive and bhava laden rendering has won him much appreciation. He is currently learning from Sanjay Subrahmanyan.