Talents for the Season

Anahita & Apoorva

Siblings with immense talent and potential, the sisters have been making a name for themselves for several years now both in the Carnatic Music concerts and the contests scene. “Any ragam that conveys the mood of the artiste in an instant, appeals to us. There are ragam’s like Sahana, Yadukulakambodhi, Vagadeeshwari and other rakti ragam’s are our favourites”. Their music is a product of good training under their paternal grandmother, Shanthi Jayaraman and presently under the tutelage of globally acclaimed musician-composer-director Chitravina N Ravikiran. Anahita gave her maiden concert at the age of 9 in Raga Sudha Hall, Chennai while Apoorva’s maiden concert was when she was only 8. “It was a great blessing to share the stage with some of the legends such as Dr. Vyjayantimala Bali, Pt. Birju Maharaj, and Prof. C V Chandrashekhar. When people come up and tell us that we have inspired them or made their day, we feel thrilled. After all, art is about touching lives! On the same note, we once visited an orphanage for differently abled children. The moment we started singing, there was pin drop silence and the children were so excited. By the end of the concert that one little girl walked up to us and gave a small greeting card that she made right then for us. The list could go on. Every concert is an experience. In fact, a single 'sabash' from our Guru for what we sang is an unforgettable moment by itself.” Both of them are recipients of Govt. of India scholarship for Carnatic music. While Anahita is also proficient in playing Chitravina, Apoorva is a violinist. Together and individually, they have been giving concerts in all the leading sabhas. “There is an old saying - The harder you try the luckier you get. Hard work with passion and perseverance is sure to take anyone to great heights”, exclaims the sisters.