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VINA KUPPAYYAR (1798 - 1860)
Musical Background: One of the most distinguished disciples of Tyagaraja, he lived with him for many years and learnt the art of music and composing. He had had his initial training from his father, Sambamoorti Sastri, a great Vina player. He was very proficient in Vina himself that it became synonymous with his name.

Contribution: He composed a variety of kritis, ranging from the simple to sophisticated. His Tana Varnams are shining examples for Varnams, for, they beautifully bring out the sketch and essence of the raga.

Theme: Generally devotional.

Language used: Telugu.

Signature: He used the mudra Gopaladasa (meaning, servant of Krishna), since Krishna was the family deity.

Popular Compositions: Varnams like Karunimpa (Sahana), Intachala (Begada) and kritis such as Vinayaka (Hamsadhwani).

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