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Musical Background:
He was a scholar who learnt Vedas from Govinda Yati. He also learnt Hindustani music.

Region: He was born in Tanjavur district.

Contribution: He has composed many kritis, but his greatest contribution is the Nandanar Charitram, a Tamil opera. The story is built around Nandanar who was a Saivite saint. Bharati’s poetic genius, his expertise in portraying the various characters and his command over music makes the work a masterpiece. It is said that he met Tyagaraja and composed the song, Sabhapatikku (Abhogi). He has incorporated several Marathi musical forms like Ovi, Dindi, Abhang, etc., in his compositions.

Theme: He employed devotional as well as social themes in his compositions.

Language used: Tamil.

Signature: He used the mudra Gopalakrishnan.

Popular Compositions: Varugalamo (Manji), Varuvaro (Sama), Enneramum (Devagandhari) etc.

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