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Musical background: Subbaraya Sastri was the son and disciple of the great composer Syama Sastri, one of the Trinity of Carnatic composers. He has the unique distinction of having had his tutelage under each of the trinity, the others being Tyagaraja and Muthuswami Dikshitar. He also benefited a lot due to his contacts with Ramadas Swamy, who was proficient in Hindustani music. 

Region: Tanjavur, Tamilnadu

Contribution: Apart from being a gifted musician himself, Subbaraya Sastri was composer of class. He wove into his compositions the styles of both his father and guru, Tyagaraja. One of the historical incidents in his life was when he composed and sang his Kalyani masterpiece, Ninnuvina gatigana in the presence of Tyagaraja at the Tiruvaiyyar temple on the presiding deity, Goddess Dharmasamvardhani. Tyagaraja was immensely pleased at the excellence which Subbaraya Sastri displayed. His compositions are rich in melody and bhava and although very few in number, have placed him on par with the most eminent of the lot. Subbaraya Sastri later adopted Annaswami Sastri, who also eventually became a composer of merit.

He chose to use the mudra Kumara.

Language used: Telugu

Theme: Devotion or bhakti.

Popular compositions: Janani ninnuvina (Reetigowla), Ninnusevinchina (Yadukulakambhoji), Venkatasailavihara (Hamirkalyani) etc.

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