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Musical Background: He learnt music from Patnam Subramanya Iyer in Tiruvayyar and from Vina Padmanabhayya.

Region: He was born in Mysore, Karnataka and lived in Tiruvayyar and Chennai, Tamilnadu.

Contribution: He has composed about 200 songs. He was adept in all the creative aspects of Carnatic music, namely, raga alapana, neraval, kalpanaswara, tanam and Pallavi. He was also proficient in handling Hindustani ragas, besides being a great teacher. His compositions have been published in two books entitled 'Vasudeva Keertana Manjari' and 'Navaratna Ragamalika'. He has composed swarajatis, tillanas, varnams and a tala-ragamalika, covering the 35 talas. He is also known for the group of 24 songs with different names of Lord Vishnu, ragamalikas on the Trinity and the music he set for the Ramayana ballet, choreographed at Kalakshetra.

Theme: Devotional

Languages used: Sanskrit, Kannada and Telugu.

Signature: His mudra was Vasudeva.

Popular Compositions: Brochevarevarura (Khamas), Devadideva (Sunadavinodini), Bhajare re manasa (Bhimplas) etc.

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